Laying the foundation of a project

DISCOVER- Laying the foundation of a project

This phase lays the groundwork that defines the “Four W’s” - the Who, When, What, and Why - of the project. We understand project requirements, the pain points, the stakeholders’ challenges, and their expectations, the procedural, or organizational or market context of the project and its expected impacts on the same; the idea here is to understand as much of the stated and unstated context of the project so as to be able to think about the project in much the same way as you do!


Your part is over, and now it’s our turn to frame your requirements into reality!

  • While understanding the product requirements and client’s pain points, we’ll propose some time-bound solutions and agree upon the challenges we can overcome. After gathering the strategic insights,

  • We’ll conduct a research phase, define a watertight scope and detailed delivery plan for the project taking into account your business preferences and the technical feasibility around the sequence of feature delivery in each sprint.

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Giving shape to your thoughts!

All the planning and the project ideas are about to take shape now. From our great user experience stories and visual design projects, our experts will plan flexible and unified design framework. We’ll ensure that the product design we’ll deliver to you will undoubtedly leave your customers awe-struck.


Going from ideas to execution!

  • It’s time to make the visuals act in real-time. We use the agile methodology for software development wherein the product in built in short, iterative sprints, with customer feedback baked into the process.

  • We monitor the project at every stage to ensure that everything is going as planned. Constant communication and complete transparency are the hallmarks of our process.

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Verifying accuracy level and quality of the product!

Before the launch, our QA experts thoroughly test the product to ensure that it meets the quality, usability and stability requirements set out for it. Among other things, this includes unit testing, integration testing, performance testing and penetration testing to ensure that the product meets all functional and non-functional requirements.


Continuous improvement to attain the next level

  • Your product has gone LIVE, but we aren’t done yet. Post launch, we are here to assist you with anything it takes to uplift your customer’s experience.

  • From Hosting, Digital Marketing, 24/7 Tech Support or manning User Helpdesks, and regularly updating the code base to keep pace with 3rd party security or performance patches, we’ll keep you covered.

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